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Gestures to ban to have beautiful nails

Having beautiful nails all the time is everyone’s dream. But in addition to our care routine, there are gestures and habits to banish. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

  • Bite nails

Biting your nails isn’t an elegant habit, and the underside of the nails gets filled with bacteria. So put on some bitter-tasting clear nail polish, if you can’t control yourself.

  • Using too many metal instruments or sticks

In your care routine, don’t overuse the use of metal instruments or sticks, as this can cause onycholysis in a roller coaster or transverse.

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  • Cut his cuticles

The cuticles are the small skins at the base of the nail. But during your care routine, push them back with a wooden stick, instead of cutting them.

  • Remove your nail polish with your fingernails

You may be tempted to “scratch” your varnish to remove it. But never make that mistake. In fact, every time you remove a bit of polish from your nails, you will also be removing thin layers from your nail bed at the same time.

  • Dont put a base before the colored varnish

Colored varnishes are pretty, but if you forget to put on a transparent base coat before the manicure, they will turn the nail yellow.

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  • Misusing the nail file

Always file your nails in one direction: first from the left edge to the center, then from the right edge to the center.

  • Dont put top coat at the end of a manicure

At the end of a manicure, don’t forget the top coat. It protects your nail, and increases the hold of the varnish.

  • Dont wear gloves

Always wear gloves when washing dishes, gardening or doing DIY. It is a good protection for your nails.

In conclusion, we find that with the use of the professional manicure supplies, we can have beautiful and healthy nails for a long time. We hope you enjoy this article!

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