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Our tips for an elegant and chic manicure

Among the current trends in the world of nail beauty, minimalism continues to prevail. This type of manicure which promotes simplicity and elegance remains timeless. In this article, Maryton Nail Supply takes you through several ideas to accentuate your elegant and chic manicures.

Well-groomed nails above all

At the heart of any successful manicure is the need to give your nails the care they deserve. Adopting a regular home care routine is essential to ensure healthy and flawless nails. Also don’t forget to protect and moisturize your cuticles with a special cuticle oil.

What nail shapes for a chic manicure?

The choice of nail shape is of capital importance in the quest for a chic and minimalist manicure. First of all, we advise you to opt for rather short or mid-length nails which give an elegant and refined look. The shorter you wear your nails, the more you should favor rounded shapes. Moreover, the almond shape is often considered the most flattering and natural.

What colors for a minimalist manicure?

Choosing the nail polish color is a crucial step in perfecting a minimalist and elegant manicure. Opt for neutral and timeless shades such as nude, light pink or off-white. If you want to wear darker colors, we recommend the great classics that go with all styles: burgundy, midnight blue, brown or even forest green.

5 stylish nail art ideas

  • Sophisticated French manicure: opt for a revisited version of the classic French manicure using neutral colors or pastel shades for a subtle and refined look;
  • Minimalist nail accent: Add a touch of elegance to your manicure by highlighting a single nail with a minimalist design, such as glitter, thin lines or discreet geometric patterns;
  • Clean marble effect: use the marble technique with soft colors and subtle patterns for an elegant and timeless effect;
  • Metallic nail art: Opt for subtle metallic accents on a neutral base for a chic, modern look that catches the eye without being too flashy;
  • Soft Color Gradient: Create a soft color gradient, like pastel tones or nude shades, for a look that suits any occasion.

In short, an elegant and chic manicure relies on neat nails, an appropriate shape, rather neutral colors and refined nail art. Find the professional manicure sets you need at Maryton to create your chic and minimalist manicures.

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