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21 Chic Sharpie Nail Art Ideas To Recreate

Nail arts aren’t easy, especially if you are making one on your own nails. But we have a bunch of brilliant ideas for you, and all of them are made with various sharpies. A sharpie can highlight and spruce up any plain nails easily and fast.

Colorful Nails

Bold nails will be super cool for spring summer, and you can create incredible nail arts with colorful sharpies: pastel or just colorful ones. You can also make marble nails with various gold or patina touches.

bold summer nails with copper sharpie stripes
grey marble with gold nail art
super bold watercolor nail art design
pastel watercolor nail art is ideal for spring
pastel peach and grey sharpie nail art

Black Sharpie Décor

A black sharpie is your key to stylish nails! You can spruce up any nails, from white to copper glitter ones, with it. Create geometric or floral patterns, paint birds or polka dots, make a creative striped nail art. You can also draw a side of your nail with a black sharpie creating a vertical pattern. Black fits any color scheme and looks timeless and stylish.

white nails with letters written with a sharpie
red nails with black sides made with a black sharpie
polka dot French nail art with a black and white sharpie
white nails with black hearts made with a sharpie
white nails with black birds
white nails with black geometric design
gold and gold glitter nail art with patterns made with a black sharpie

Colorful Sharpie Decor

Rock sharpies of all colors with your nails! Gold, silver, copper, colorful ones will make your nails super eye-catching, and your nail art really special. What’s good about any sharpie – it’s pretty easy to use, and you won’t have to train a lot before making a cool sharpie nail art.

burgundy nails with gold polka dots
colorful polka dot nail art with colorful sharpies
copper glitter nails with black decor made with a sharpie
geometric French nail art in black and white
navy nails with gold polka dots made with a sharpie
tribal nail art with gold decor on black
whie nails with various patterns made with a gold sharpie
white and gold nail art made with a gold sharpie
white French manicure with gold rim
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