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Tips to keep healthy nails

Brittle, soft or split nails. The causes of damaged nails are multiple. To find out how to take care of your nails, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

1. Which vitamins to have beautiful nails?

Nails need vitamins to be beautiful and strong, such as vitamins C, B 8 and B 12. They are mainly found in food, but a cure can be done from time to time, when you feel the need.

2. Balance your plate

The skin and nails are a reflection of our body. Raw or steamed vegetables are to be preferred, as they will retain all their nutritional values and benefits. They are rich in vitamins, fiber and are full of water.

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3. Stay hydrated

As you know, drinking 1.5 L of water a day is essential. When nails are in poor shape, favor mineral-rich water.

4. Massage for strong nails

Massage the nails daily with castor oil to stimulate nail growth. Use a drop of oil and massage the entire nail plate as well as the cuticle. Apply a suitable cream every evening on the hands and on the nails.

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5. The manicure, your ally for healthy nails

Make regular appointments with your nail technician for professional care. It gently files the free edge, pushes back the cuticles without tearing them and will intensely nourish the hands and nails.

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