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PaMu Slide – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones In the Test

PaMu Slide: A Real AirPods Killer?

I have already tested one or the other headphones during sports, but so far always with cable. Either it was classic in-ears with cable to the player, or Bluetooth headsets where the two headphones were connected with a cable. Now I had the opportunity to test a “real” true wireless headphones that does not interfere with any cables. Padmate kindly provided the Pamu Slide Plus for testing, even before the official launch.

PaMu Slide: A Real AirPods Killer?

The Pamu Slide headphones feature true wireless stereo (TWS), so true stereo sound without cable connection between the listeners. Next advertises Padmate with the following features:

  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • First-class sound and powerful bass
  • Car pairing
  • Comfort
  • Touch control
  • IPX6 protection (protection against strong jet water)
  • 60 hours of play time
  • Type-C fast charger
  • Wireless mobile phone charger

But let’s first come to the scope of delivery, which includes: Pamu Slide headphones in a matching case, a UBS-A to USB-C charging cable, 3 sets of different sized fittings, and a quick guide.

The headphones are magnetically held in the case and so permanently charged when you do not wear them. Padmate specifies a runtime of 10 hours, which increases to 60 hours by charging the case. That means the battery of the storage box charges the headphones completely 5x. But the highlight of the case of the Pamu Slide Plus is also the ability to charge his mobile phone cordless, so it also serves as a power bank. Incidentally, the “slide” in the name indicates the smart way of opening the case.

Recommendation of TWS Earphone on Indiegogo Named PaMu Slide

In practice

I have tested the Pamu Slide in everyday life and also in sports. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not a very audiophile person analyzing different frequency ranges, but compared to other headphones tested, the Pamu Slide offers a rich bass and a very good overall sound. For my needs, the sound quality is more than sufficient. Outside noise is dampened quite well by the in-ear construction.

The Pamu Slide are supplied with adapter pieces in 3 different sizes, so that you can customize the headphones individually to his ears. Especially in sports, a good grip is particularly important. Because the Pamu Slide is a real wireless headphone, there is no longer any cable that prevents a handset from falling to the ground. That’s why I was a bit worried at the first run and occasionally adjusted the handsets. And this is exactly where the operation via Touch Control, that is without physical buttons, proves to be a bit annoying, because every now and then the playback is paused. Overall, the headphones remain reliably in place even with heavy sweating. Only once did I drop a handset while walking, and promptly the case jumped up. Although I could easily put it back together, the headphones should survive such a crash but undamaged.

Incidentally, the connection to my iPhone is automatic as soon as you take the headphones out of the case. During my sports activities, I also found no disconnections.


Overall, the Pamu Slide are great headphones with excellent sound and excellent battery life, which are also suitable for sports. However, one should really pay attention to the perfect grip (try the different adapters!), So that no listener unintentionally adopted. Currently, you can still buy the Pamu Slide for a very reasonable 54 euros (without phone charging function of the case), or the Pamu Slide Plus for 63 euros, through the Indiegogo campaign. Later, the headphones will then cost 144 euros or 181 euros. At the current crowdfunding price I can certainly recommend the Pamu Slide, but the later retail price would put me off buying it.

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