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PaMu Scroll: The TWS Earphones That Want to Challenge the Airpods

PaMu Scroll: The TWS Earphones That Want to Challenge the Airpods

The Padmate Pamu Scroll is a true wireless earphones, therefore without any connection cable, such as the Apple Airpods, presented through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In a few months they have been so successful that they have raised over 3 million dollars, an important figure if we consider the type of product. But what makes them special?

We’ve been testing them for about a month both at home and on the road and during sports. Are they up or even better than Airpods?

Materials and design

PaMu Scroll: The TWS Earphones That Want to Challenge the Airpods

The first glance is certainly the design. Unlike many other earphones, which we have also reviewed on our website, the Pamu Scrolls are characterized by a cylindrical case with leather upholstery. They are available in four different colors, Rock ‘n Roll, Glory Edition, Graphene and Sakura, like our sample, which correspond respectively to Sienna , brown, black and pink. Each version also has a different treatment of the leather, with very particular finishes and a sure aesthetic impact.

The case opens simply by lifting the flap of leather, hooked by a discrete power magnet that reveals the earphones proper. They are very small, weigh only 5 grams and are among the lightest currently available. There are no buttons, as the controls are of the touch type and the body takes up the colors of the case. In the package there are also three sets of silicone pads that allow you to adapt the earphones to any ear.


Compared to other true wireless headphones, the Pamu Scrolls are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. This is an important innovation in this sector, as the new standard allows a more stable and reliable connection. They also have IPX6 certification, which makes them resistant to sweat and splashes. They can therefore be used in the rain or while doing sports, even if in the latter case you feel the lack of a holding bow, as happens for example in sports earphones like the Bose Soundsport Free.

The charging case declared for each individual recharge is 3.5 hours, although realistically at medium volume we have reached three hours. The battery integrated in the case, allows you to completely recharge the headphones for another three times, for a total of 12 hours theoretical. We can safely say that with an average use you can get two or three days of battery without having to recharge the case.

Case that is recharged via the micro-USB on the right side and which takes about two hours to recharge. On the left side four blue LEDs indicate the battery remaining capacity. However, Padmate has not added any gesture or button that allows you to check the case by turning on the LEDs, which are activated only during charging. With a PaMu charging receiver of around $19, you can add a special accessory that will allow you to recharge the case with wireless charging pads with QI standards, but we have not had a chance to try. The Pamu Scrolls are inserted in the special seats of the case and can be recharged via the two contacts on the inside. A magnet should secure them to the case avoiding unwanted movements, but it is not very powerful and from time to time it can happen to find the earphones connected to the smartphone even if inside the dock.

The earphones switch on and connect to the last connected device as soon as they are taken out of the case, particular so convenient but also present in products like Jaybird RUN and Zolo Liberty. However, the Pamu Scrolls allow you to make calls in stereo, as you can hear the voice from our interlocutor from both earphones.

With touch controls you can select play or pause or answer calls with a single tap on both headphones. With a double tap on the right earphone you go to the next song, while a double tap on the left earphone activates the voice assistant of our smartphone, Android or Apple.

They respond well in most cases, but in everyday use it is impossible to control the volume. Too bad, because this way you end up controlling everything directly from your smartphone for convenience and brevity.


These are wireless in ear headphones, so it is essential to choose the right size grommet to have not only correct comfort, but above all good sound reproduction. In this regard the use of rubber pads of different sizes in the package is useful.

To insert them inside the ear they must be positioned horizontally, supported and then rotated clockwise. It is longer to say than to do and we get used to it quickly. They are very stable, they don’t bother you, as long as you appreciate the in-ear headphones.

During the sport we didn’t notice any major problems, neither to run or during some weight training sessions in the gym. However, they give the feeling that they must slip from one moment to another, especially during more intense movements or efforts. As mentioned, there is a lack of a holding bow in this particular area.

Among the features published by the company there is a “Deep Bass”, which means that Padmate has created these headsets to meet an audience that somehow appreciates a particular emphasis on low frequencies.

The audio quality is average. The basses are there but they are not full and round, the mid and high frequencies are produced rather accurately, but one easily reaches distortion at higher volumes. In short, they sound like a pair of earphones would sound on this price range and don’t work miracles.

It is however a pleasant sound that does not tire and passive acoustic insulation is also appreciated, which during the journey or in the office makes it possible to avoid background noise.

The phone call quality is very good. Being able to hear the interlocutor from both earphones is certainly a great advantage compared to most of the competitors currently available and even the microphone captures our voice clearly even in situations with a discreet background noise.

PaMu Scroll: The TWS Earphones That Want to Challenge the Airpods


Giving a judgment without considering the price, or better the prices, of selling is very difficult. Pamu Scrolls are a bargain if you bought them during the initial launch phase for $ 39. At the current price of $ 79 they are still a good buy. Beyond the good performances, surely they are a nice device to give and take with you, thanks to an original aesthetic and that differs from the plethora of True Wireless headsets available. The hope is that Padmate will maintain a competitive price that avoids comparison with the most famous and established brands on the market.

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