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PaMu Scroll Earphones with Unique Design and Authentic Sound

Permium TWS Headphones PaMu Scroll Review

PaMu Scroll is a completely wireless earphone with waterproof performance. It is an excellent item that meets all user needs, such as touch control, waterproof function, and unique design.

Easy to put in and out with cylindrical case

The case of PaMu Scroll has a cylindrical design, a unique storage case that opens and closes, so that it can be wrapped around easily. Every time you use a fully wireless earphones, you have to put it in and out of the case.

PaMu Scroll is designed not to feel stress even when opening and closing such a case. Earphones can be removed more naturally than opening the case lid. In addition, since the opening and closing part is a magnet type, there is no worry that it will open freely in the bag.

Luxury leather case

The case is made of hand-finished leather and has a luxurious design. Since it is available in 5 colors, you can choose your favorite type from various variations.

Compact but satisfying heavy bass

While maintaining a compact size, the main unit enhances the bass. Because you can feel the powerful bass, you can enjoy music of various genres such as techno, pop, rock, and R & B. In addition, the mid and high frequencies are conscious of clear sound, and the overall sound quality is balanced.

Control everything with one touch

Simply touch the earphones to easily play / stop music and feed songs. Also, when receiving a call, you can enjoy a hands-free call with a single touch of the R earphone. You no longer need to take your smartphone out of your bag.

Compatible with Siri

PaMu Scroll has an active Siri function. It is possible to tell the command by touching the button on the earphone (L).

Excellent waterproof performance

PaMu Scroll has the excellent waterproof performance of IPX6. Let alone sweat during exercise, it is safe even if it rains suddenly. It can also be used while taking a shower.

Excellent fit

The earphone body is small and lightweight with only 5g per ear. Because it is designed to be hard to fall out of your ears, it can be used in a variety of situations, such as commuting, attending school, and intense sports scenes. In addition, the eartips with high sound insulation properties prevent the intrusion of external sounds, so you can enjoy your own sound even in a noisy environment.

Easy connection with auto-pairing

Simply remove the earphone from the charging case to turn on the power, and the left and right earphones will be paired automatically. Once set, the device also has an auto-pairing function that automatically pairs, making it very easy to use.

Up to 10 hours playable

The earphone can play music for approximately 3.5 hours continuously when fully charged. If you use the charging case, you can play music for up to about 10 hours. The playback time may vary depending on the volume, radio wave conditions, usage environment, etc.

Achieve stable connection with Bluetooth 5.0

By adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it has become possible to reduce communication failures. We improved communication problems peculiar to wireless earphones, minimizing skipping and interruptions due to radio interference. Stay stable even in the city.

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