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Hybrid Bluetooth TWS Earphone PAMU SLIDE

Hybrid Bluetooth TWS Earphone PAMU SLIDE

Pamu Slide, the No. 1 globally funded hybrid wireless earphone, was released through Moldac.

Pamu slide supports Qualcomm APTX, up to 10 hours battery life for a single charge, wireless auxiliary battery function, and supports CD-quality sound in Melon, Bugs, and YouTube. It is considered as a hybrid wireless earphone that overturns the market. The company official said that the earphone industry is changing with the introduction of pamu as a hybrid wireless earphone, and the PaMu craze started in the US is expected to continue in Korea. By the project opening, more than 10,000 people are expected to apply for a joint purchase letter notification.

PaMu Slide: A Real AirPods Killer?

Pamu Slide is a hybrid earphone that meets the needs of both wired and wireless earphone users, developed jointly with Qualcomm to solve battery, broken sound quality and twisted lines by combining the advantages of existing wired and wireless earphones. Up to 60 hours battery life, almost more than 3 times battery life compared to other wireless in ear headphones. Supports playback calls and CD-quality sound, equipped with a large-capacity backup battery that acts as a smartphone backup wireless charger, bringing life to a smartphone without a charging cable. Wireless secondary battery technology, which is not found in existing wireless earphones, is applied.

Hybrid Bluetooth TWS Earphone PAMU SLIDE

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