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3 received ideas about semi-permanent varnish

Composed of acrylic gel, as well as a classic varnish which gives it its tint, the semi-permanent varnish nevertheless offers you many advantages. Despite its long-lasting hold and neat appearance, semi-permanent varnish still suffers from many misconceptions. The Maryton nail supply will give 3 explanations for the semi-permanent varnish in the following article!

Misconception 1: semi-permanent varnish would suffocate the nail

Most nail techniques suffer from this prejudice: they would suffocate the nail, thus preventing it from growing back or regenerating. In reality, your nails can’t actually suffocate and will not prevent them from growing! It is essential to take care of your hands on a daily basis to keep your nails healthy: moisturizing hand creams and regular scrubs.

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Misconception 2: semi-permanent varnish would damage the nails

Applying semi-permanent varnish doesn’t involve any specific risk for the nails: it takes place like conventional varnish, with one difference. The semi-permanent varnish must be dried using a UV lamp, in order to guarantee its good hold and obtain a clean appearance. In addition, you can complete this removal with a suitable care for the hands: exfoliating, moisturizing and nourishing!

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Misconception 3: semi-permanent nail polish is made up of toxic products

Semi-permanent nail polish is neither more nor less dangerous than classic nail polish or gel nails. Indeed, each varnish product has undergone strict quality control before entering the market.Therefore, you can avoid any unpleasant accidents!

OK! Now that you have known the things about semi-permanent varnish, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail products. We have everything all you need in.

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