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False nails or semi-permanent nail polish, which technique is best for me?

You want perfect nails in all circumstances, but you don’t know which technique to adopt? Follow our pro tips to find the one that’s right for you.

The semi-permanent varnish for all

Your nails are not very healthy? Wait before embarking on semi-permanent! When the nail is too fragile, it is better to do manicures and care until it gets better before going to semi. Your varnish could also hold less well if the beautician does not perform a manicure before: it’s very important to prepare the nail well by removing the dead skin so that the duration of the varnish is optimal.

Before taking the plunge, follow these two golden rules. The first concerns is the application of the varnish: the nail shouldn’t be polished aggressively before the material is applied. The second concerns is the moment when the varnish is removed: you must have your semi-permanent varnish removed in an institute or opt for a special kit with foils of suitable solvent.

False nails, a commitment over time

False nails require more maintenance than the application of a semi-permanent varnish: a semi is easily applied and removed, without any particular maintenance, recalls the specialist. On the contrary, false nails are long-lasting since you can keep them for a few months, but they require regular maintenance. Every two and a half weeks on average, you must to fill the gap between the false nail and the regrowth of the natural nail.

There are two working methods for false nails: gel or resin. The two techniques are about the same, the real difference between the two techniques is visible at the removal stage. When you remove gel false nails, the beautician must file down the layer of material, at the risk of touching the natural nail. On the contrary, the resin can dissolve like semi-permanent varnish, with papillotes of special solvent.

Take care of your nails

If your nails are very fragile, it is advisable not to exceed 2 or 3 poses in a row because they risk “being even more fragile. Between two periods of false nails or semi-permanent varnish, the nails must be pampered. Every day, put castor oil or specific care to nourish them. What’s more, you will need to take regular care for your nails using professional manicure set.

Hoping to have been helpful! To find out how to take care of your nails on a daily basis, click here.

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