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Color your nails or do a French manicure with varnish

You have decided to take care of your hands but you are lost in all the ranges of products available, we will help you choose the right formula for you. Just click here!

To color two possibilities: classic lacquers that dry in the air and hybrid shades that will dry under a nail device that emits ultraviolet rays. It is this light that can come from a so-called UV/LED lamp which, through a phenomenon of catalysis, will completely harden the color for a period of several weeks.

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For both systems you will put 4 layers So the four phases will be

  • the base coat which will protect and smooth the surface for better grip, it can be neutral or care.
  • Two coats of the tint to obtain a full and very intense color.
  • The top coat that will shine but also seal.

The classics you know will dry in the air in a more or less long time depending on the thickness you have put and the quality of your material, the hybrids will harden perfectly in 30 seconds under led or 2 minutes light ultra violet. On the other hand, an unknown gesture that you should adopt in both cases is planking. This consists in passing the brush lightly charged with tint on the edge of the free edge. This allows a little substance to pass underneath, so the keratin will be locked up, which will force it to follow the natural twists that you inflict on your plates with each gesture. You will prolong its life since the peeling will be limited.

With the gel varnish version there are 3 main differences: the preparation phase will be a little specific and the drying mode which will be done in the air for the ordinary shades and under a lamp for the gel varnishes. And the withdrawal mode which will take a little longer as part of the permanent technology. If you are fixed on this type of manicure, the choice will be either by your favorite shade or by the model of device, know that the LED goes faster and is lighter and that more and more hardening products with such as acrylgel which are a real innovation if you need to lengthen one or two fingers.

In addition to these mentioned above, you will need to take regular care for your nails using professional manicure set. Hoping to have been helpful!

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