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False nails: gel, capsules or resin?

Are you tired of biting your nails? Or maybe you are one of those who have the annoying habit of breaking your nails? Maybe even when you apply your varnish, it has an annoying tendency to only last a day and end up flaking? Do not panic, there is a solution to your problems, with the installation of false nails!

These artifices have the advantage of giving a neat look to the hands by presenting pretty nails, made to measure and perfectly varnished while also offering a certain saving of time to those who are accustomed to them: indeed, even if it is necessary to wait a little for certain techniques during the installation. Once it is done, it’s set to last! Indeed, a manicure with false nails can last for several weeks and with it, no more worries about chipped varnish, torn nails or nail polish remover to find, with the key to a shiny and radiant varnish.

False nails in capsules: the easiest solution.

Capsule false nails are products that can be found both in nail salons and in supermarkets, alongside nail polish. These are plastic false nails, which are placed using glue or a double-sided sticker on the natural nail. They come in all shapes, lengths and even different styles since you can find capsules already colored or decorated with nail art or a French manicure. Neutral, they can also be decorated according to each person’s personal taste with a classic varnish, but be careful, once varnished, they can no longer be refurbished, the solvent could damage them! Their installation is relatively easy, it takes no more than 10 minutes and does not require any special skills. The rendering is more or less natural depending on the type of capsules chosen and the length as well as the pattern.

Gel false nails: the most natural solution.

This method is based on the use of a gel that is placed on the natural nail and stretched to shape the nail and then dried under a UV lamp. This can be done on naturally long nails or on short nails with the help of capsules applied beforehand. The first step is to prepare and strengthen the nail by applying a base, then file it before applying the colored varnish in two layers. We finish with a finishing gel before finishing modeling the nail with the file to obtain the perfect shape.

Once you want to remove these false nails, just file and dilute the remaining gel on the nail with the manicure products. The big advantage of this technique is not to be harmful to the nail matrix and to have an unsuspected very natural finish. The installation must be carried out by an aesthetics professional  nail technician, who is often trained in installation techniques with suitable products.

Resin false nails

Once acclaimed for the long-lasting hold it provides, resin is now used less and less in nail care. Today, alternative techniques are taking over and some brands are developing more and more hybrid products that combine the solidity of resin with the naturalness of gel in formulas that also have the advantage of being available in a large number. Something to combine business with pleasure, without the inconveniences to make your beautiful nails last for the holidays!

Having a beautiful manicure every day is a huge challenge. So, please make sure you have the necessary nail products. For your nail products, I advise you to take a look at this site, you will find everything you need.

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