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Take care of your feet

The sunny days have arrived, it’s time to take out sandals and open shoes. To be sure to display pretty feet, it is useful before pampering them a little. Locked up all winter in socks and shoes, often forgotten, even neglected, our feet do indeed need to be taken care of!

But how to take care of it?

1) Don’t forget to wash your feet.

To get rid of dead skin, calluses and calluses, a very gentle exfoliation can be done once or twice a week. If the skin is very rough, it is a good idea to use a suitable treatment.

2) Take a bath of feet.

Don’t forget to relax your feet. No more than 10 minutes, however, because it weakens the skin too much. We finish by brushing our feet with a very soft brush. We dry them well and we take the opportunity to massage them.

3) Hydrate our feet.

We need to apply a good moisturizer every day. What’s more, we shouldn’t “forget” the area between the toes, to prevent it from macerating.

4) Take off your socks and let your feet breathe.

If we wear the socks when sleep, our feet cannot breathe well. And the quality of the socks is uneven, easy to breed a variety of bacteria and viruses. So when we sleep at night, remove our socks and let our feet breathe freely.

5) Keep short nails.

We prefer rather short nails. Because under the long nails can slip impurities.

In addition to these tips listed above, you should care for your feet regularly with pedicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton, where you can find more foot care products!

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