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SOS, my heels are cracked

Tired, damaged … it happens that our heels crack. Fortunately this is not a fatality! Prevention tips, advice to remedy it… We tell you everything! Follow us to discover the good measures to adopt to get soft and healthy feet.

Why are our heels cracking?

The skin on the feet is drier, so it tends to crack easily. In addition, we subject our feet to a lot of micro-traumas by walking with shoes … and stiletto heels are not the only culprits since shoes that are too flat are also harmful to the health of our heels. Faced with these aggressions, our skin produces horn which splits and forms cracks which can go deep and bleed.

What solutions?

In any case, we rush to the pedicurist or the podiatrist. At home, we refrain from scratching our feet with a grater or a pumice stone. But we take an emollient bath, with 2 tablespoons of baking soda which promotes the elimination of dead skin. Then moisturize with a specific product for dry feet morning and evening. The plus: before going to bed and after putting on the cream, put on cotton socks that help the cream penetrate. When the crevices are very deep, they are “sealed” with a specific liquid dressing.

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