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Discover the reason why nail polish never lasts

Red, nude, coral… Varnish on the coast! Whether traditional or semi-permanent, it sometimes has trouble staying on the nails for a long time. Why? Follow us to find out why and how to fix it.

Your varnish does not last long on your nails? Maybe you have greasy fingernails. So-called greasy nails are actually wet, because they pick up substances from the skin around them. This is also the reason why if you have sweaty hands, you are more likely to have the “oily” nails.

How to recognize them?

They are characterized by several factors. They are often very soft, bend and tear easily: they do not break because they are not dry, and the varnish does not last long on them. This can be explained in two ways. The first is mechanical: “as the nails are soft and bend at the slightest impact, the varnish will flake off at the bend”. Then there is a chemical reason, because “the product holds better on nails with a neutral pH, whereas if they are wet, they tend to have a too acidic PH”.

What solutions to hold the varnish?

The average hold time of the varnish is about five days. But, on the damp nails, it lasts a maximum of 2 days. Even semi-permanent or gel will last less. So what to do? Don’t worry! We will give you some tips: before applying the varnish, clean the nails well with the purest alcohol possible to dry the surface as much as possible. Then applying a pH balancing treatment to slow down the appearance of the first flaking. Finally, you can use hardeners which will dry out the nail. Do three cures of three weeks to one month each year to obtain a result.

OK! Now that you have know the reason why nail polish never lasts, take out your manicure products to have a good manicure! This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail products!

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