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Winter nail art: our inspirations

Winter nail art: our inspirations

The chic and dark manicure

The winter season is conducive to dark colors. And so much the better because dark colors are very chic on the nails.

For a successful nail art in winter, you can very easily opt for a deep black, a metallic gray, a royal blue or an icy brown.

Decorate your base with a winter motif: a tree, snowflakes, a simple and minimalist outline. It’s up to you to see what you want.

Remember to apply a top coat as dark colors are more difficult to remove. This beauty gesture will protect your nail before applying the varnish.

The retro touch

This year is the big comeback of the 70s. Flared pants, thigh high boots, floral blouse and psychedelic prints are making their comeback.

To give your nails a winter look, try a seventies-style manicure.

Make a pretty nail art composed of fine stripes on the tips of your nails.

To stay in the theme, play with the flagship colors of the seventies looks (nude, cream, orange, copper, brown, etc.).

The white manicure

Big trend this year: the white manicure. Incredibly trendy, the pure white varnish elegantly dresses any outfit.

And good news: with white, you can do all kinds of nail art! Because white goes almost with all colors.

The touche gold touch

On all fingers as a unique decoration, golden nail art brings a chic and festive touch. It’s a perfect color for winter and to accompany an evening look.

Make sure that you use the best manicure set for nail care.

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