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How to deal with the nail psioriasis?

As well as all other areas of the body, the nails can be subject to some pathologies that damage them and cause them to be in poor health. Among these, psoriasis is certainly one of the most widespread and causes damage to the nails. If you want to know exactly what the nail psoriasis is, how to recognize it and the possible remedies to combat it, continue reading the article with me!

Nail psioriasis: what is it?

In general, psoriasis is a chronic and inflammatory disease that affects the skin and neither infectious nor contagious. There are different types of psoriasis, such as pustules, scales, etc. and its causes are to be found in autoimmune, environmental and genetic factors. Psoriasis, as we have already said, can also affect the fingernails and toenails, so how can you do to recognize the symptoms?

Nails affected by psoriasis are different in appearance and shape: they may show salmon pink, brownish or yellowish patches and may also appear thicker than normal and more fragile, as well as appear stippled. Psoriasis could also cause infections and even lead to nail breakage or detachment.

However, since many of these symptoms are similar to those of a more common fungal infection, it is important to consult a professional doctor.  He will be able to recognize the specific situation, and you will know what type of remedies to use, since each of the two pathologies must be treated differently from the other.

Nail psioriasis: remedies and how to intervene

Now that we have analyzed the problem, it is time to talk about the possible remedies to intervene against psoriasis. Assuming that the disease cannot be cured definitively but only limited, in case of nail psoriasis, you can follow these tips:

  • Stay in the sun from time to time, without forgetting to use adequate protection, because sunlight counteracts the effects of psoriasis.
  • Try to reduce stress, nervousness, etc., always maintaining a correct lifestyle. Because these factors, as well as worsening health in general, can also worsen that of the nails and therefore worsen psoriasis
  • Keep your nails fairly short and try not to use gel or false nails, as well as avoid aggressive beauty treatments. Special urea enamels can be used, as long as the nails do not show signs of infection.

To clean hands and feet, always use the professional manicure and pedicure set, do not wash too often and / or for too many minutes. To notice the positive effects on the health of the nails, the timing can change from person to person. The time maybe very long (from 6 to 12 months),  but this must not make you give up on pursuing your goal.Believe that  with the patience and strength of will, nail psoriasis can be kept under control!

Did you know about nail psioriasis? Have you ever had direct or indirect experience of it? As always, I wish you will have a pair of beautiful hand!

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