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Bad foot odor: 5 good natural remedies

As we all know, essential oils are a very useful remedy for taking care of nails and hands, but what you may not know is that essential oils are also suitable for foot health. So today I’ll tell you how to do it, thanks to the use of essential oils. All information by continuing to read!

How to heal your feet with essential oils

Our feet make us move, carry us around and struggle so much, sometimes we don’t even notice and we ignore them, while they are almost certainly suffering from some problems. It is only during the summer period that we begin to give them some attention and to intervene in their rescue because, because we start wearing open shoes. The feet are put on display and cannot go unnoticed, so we do not would like to note the presence of calluses or other cosmetic defects.

It is necessary to take an interest in them and take care of them every day, especially in the colder seasons. In addition to this, even unsuitable products for us that we use to wash our feet, wrong nail polishes, aggressive skin creams, etc. they can all be risk factors for the health of our feet.

Here is now a description of some defects that the feet can show and an indication of the essential oils indicated to combat them:

Feet with blisters: blisters or vesicles are swellings under the skin due to a collection of fluid, which can form due to strong friction or rubbing of the foot, especially when shoes are used not suitable. Lavender essential oil can be used on blisters: just apply a drop directly on the bladder to be treated, so as not to get infected. The only “side effect” is that Lavender oil, during application, could cause a little burning, but it is only a very small sacrifice to bear, given the great benefit that comes with it!

Feet with calluses: calluses form in the points where the foot tends to rub a lot against the shoe. Unlike blisters, they show up with a greater thickness of the skin. To soften calluses and calluses and make them less painful, you can apply a drop of the aforementioned essential oil of Marigold on them and massage with light movements, until the product is completely absorbed.

Foot baths: essential oils are also perfect for making some restorative foot baths. Just dissolve for each liter of hot water about three drops of Rosemary essential oil and three of Peppermint essential oil, combined with a teaspoon of Honey. For a foot bath with a relaxing effect, the previous oils are replaced by about seven drops of Lavender essential oil, to be always added to a teaspoon of Honey and dissolved in a container that contains five liters of hot water.

Feet with black nails: When the foot is hit very hard or bruised, one or more nails could blacken and hurt a lot, they could end up peeling off during regrowth. You can intervene using Hyssop essential oil, applying a drop both above and below the nail or nails in question, until it is then easier and less painful to remove it by cutting it or detaching it.

Feet with joint and bone pain: when the feet are particularly sore and fatigued due to joint and / or bone problems, a mixture of 50 ml of Sweet Almond essential oil can be used if necessary, which acts as a base and about thirty drops of Marigold essential oil. The mixture should be gently massaged into the feet until it is completely absorbed. It is particularly recommended in the evening, when the feet are more tired.

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