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PaMu Slide TWS Headphone with Dual-mic Noise Reduction

PaMu Slide TWS Headphone with Dual-mic Noise Reduction

It ’s unavoidable to experience a lot of fatigue and numbness in the earphones, but a good earphone can instantly refresh your ears. Pamu Slide is such a high-quality good earphone, aptx transmission, wireless reverse charging, and long standby time. High-tech such as dual microphone noise reduction are available, while extraordinary sound quality, it is a good product worth having.

Recommendation of TWS Earphone on Indiegogo Named PaMu Slide

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, whether they are head-mounted or neck-mounted, and the most popular true wireless in nowadays.

Recently, the well-known crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has a true wireless headphoens name pamu slide from the manufacturer padmate, which set four records in one fell swoop, and this product is PaMu Slide which is known to be able to fight against the Bose:

  • World’s largest crowdfunding of audio products;
  • the most support in crowdfunding on Indiegogo;
  • Indiegogo’s largest crowdfunding project since 2019;
  • the most successful Chinese project in past 11 years on Indiegogo;

The outer packaging of PaMu Slide follows an elegant line. The front is a physical picture of the product, and the back of the packaging is clearly and concisely labeled with several major features of the product, including in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

PaMu Slide Bluetooth headset accessories are quite rich, a thick multi-language instruction manual, a Type-C charging cable, matching 6 sets of different size of eartips. The charging box uses a slider mode. Is it familiar? A long time ago, slider phones have really swept the world for a long time. The charging box uses the popular Type-C charging dock, which has better versatility. A ring indicator button next to it turns on the second function of this charging box, which can actually wirelessly charge the mobile phone.

Double-click the button on the charging box, and when the LED lights flashes, indicating the wireless charging function is turned on. At this time, you can put the mobile phone on and charge it with wireless charging. The charging box has a built-in 2000mAh battery, which can charge the headset for about 5 times. Each time the headset is fully charged, it can be used for about 10 hours.

PaMu Slide TWS Headphone with Dual-mic Noise Reduction

It is worth mentioning that the PaMu Slide Bluetooth headset uses intelligent one-touch technology, which does not require a physical button, and it is triggered at the touch of a button for easy operation.

The PaMu Slide Bluetooth headset uses Qualcomm’s QCC3020 chip, aptx decoding, high fidelity, low power consumption, and guarantees superior sound quality from the source.

About the sound, Pamu Slide has a strong sense of treble and bass. When listening to songs, the treble and bass are clear, the layers are clear, and the drums are very full. It is not an exaggeration to say that the overall performance of this headset really exceeds the expectations of the insects, especially the kind of cleanness in the sound, which is rarely seen. In addition, PaMu Slide has also adjusted the high-frequency tooth sound and brightness. The high-frequency brightness of PaMu Slide is sufficient and the sense of analysis is more obvious. Not to mention the bass, the effect of the top resonant cavity, combined with the effect of the composite resonance film, makes the bass full of elasticity, but not that kind of muddy.

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