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PaMu Slide Mini, Like PaMu Slide But More Compact

PaMu Slide Mini, Like PaMu Slide But More Compact

Padmate needs no introduction, since about a year ago – after a long experience as an OEM manufacturer – it decided to launch Bluetooth headsets with its own brand. So after PaMu Scroll , PaMu Tempo T5 and PaMu Slide , it’s the turn of PaMu Slide Mini previewed at the Global Sources Electronics Fair 2019 in Hong Hong , where we made the hands-on video you see below.

Like all Padmate headphones, the PaMu Slide Mini also stands out for their particular design, which over the years has become a fundamental element for the brand’s identity. And as its name indicates, PaMu Slide Mini is a smaller version of PaMu Slide, not in “audio performance” than in size : the earphones of this model are substantially identical to those launched a few months ago, but with a more compact charging case which measures practically half of the original ( 70.2 × 33.2 × 30.5 mm ).

Compared to PaMu Slide, PaMu Slide Mini is designed for a younger audience. It is available in four colors: in addition to the classic black and white, Padmate has chosen fashionable colors, fresher and brighter, like the green mind and the pink . And of course the charging case also has the same color on the outside (white or black inside depending on the model) with four status LEDs on the front to indicate the battery level and a USB Type-C port for charging on the back, which can be used as an alternative to wireless charging .

Turning to the technical aspect, PaMu Slide Mini offers a fairly mature solution at an affordable price . Integrates a Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth module and 6 mm dynamic drivers , supports Qualcomm aptX technology , as well as dual microphones for noise reduction and up to 10 hours of battery life that extend to almost 30 hours with the charging case . In short, the quality / price ratio is exceptional, definitely cheaper than other low-cost models on the market.

The PaMu Slide Mini earphones use an in-ear design and, to improve durability over time, the Chinese company has inserted a silicone crown inside the headphones to increase its resistance. They are ergonomic, light and waterproof (IPX6 certified), so they are also ideal for daily training. Each earpiece has touch controls at the top, to adjust the volume, play / pause the favorite playlist and call up the voice assistant. The overall performance is convincing and the sound quality satisfactory, you can not expect more in this price range.

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