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American Gel X Application: Give your nails refined beauty

Discover the Gel X American application: give your nails refined beauty. This treatment combines the strength of resin with the beauty of semi-permanent varnish to enhance your nails and give them an elegant and impeccable look. 

The American Gel X installation takes place in several stages:

1. Nail preparation: Invest in a professional manicure kit to clean, file and degrease your nails for better adhesion.

2. Choice of capsule: Choose your capsule based on the size and shape of the natural nail.

3. Application of the resin: Apply the resin to the capsule and the natural nail to securely fix them.

4. Application of semi-permanent varnish: Then, apply the semi-permanent varnish in two thin layers for an intense and uniform color.

5. Curing under UV/LED lamp: The resin and semi-permanent varnish are catalyzed under a UV/LED lamp to ensure their curing.

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