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American Gel X Application: Give your nails refined beauty

Discover the Gel X American application: give your nails refined beauty. This treatment combines the strength of resin with the beauty of semi-permanent varnish to enhance your nails and give them an elegant and impeccable look.  The American Gel X installation takes place in several stages: 1. Nail preparation: Invest in a professional manicure kit to clean, file and degrease your nails for better adhesion. 2. Choice of capsule: Choose your capsule based on the size

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The differences between French manicure and American manicure

In order to have a deeper understanding of American manicure, the nail supply expert Maryton will compare American manicure with French manicure in this article. Just keep reading! The most notable difference between these two types of manicure is the delimitation created on the free edge of the nail. Indeed, the French manicure has the particularity of offering a clean line, while the American manicure consists more of a gradient between the tip of

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How to remove your American manicure?

The American method makes it possible to apply capsules without glue and without filing for an irreproachable hold and an impeccable finish! To remove your pose, nothing could be simpler. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to remove your American manicure. 1. Using a nail buffer block or nail file, gently buff the surface of the nail being careful not to compromise the natural nail, just remove the shine

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