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Nail art: which material to choose before starting?

Nail art which material to choose before starting

Nail art, do you like it? Ok but you have to equip yourself. Overview of essential equipment to get started with nail art.

For crazy nails and easy and successful nail art, it is necessary to have the right tools: file, base, brushes, several varnishes, 3D decoration, top coat… Our guide to having a make-up bag worthy of a nail artist in the making.


Before even thinking about varnishes or brushes, you absolutely need a nail file, a polisher and a cuticle pusher. Make sure you have professional nail supplies for the care of your nails. Indeed, the “care” box is essential for successful nail art, long lasting but also easier to achieve. The condition and shape of the nails should be nickel before thinking about decorating them. It is then advisable to file them, to polish them and to get rid of the annoying cuticles. Results? Smooth, clean, structured nails of the same size. Clean and ready to paint!

Once the nails have been groomed, a base coat should be applied. This protects the nail and makes it easier to apply the varnish. Then we go (finally) to varnishes! Obviously, it is better to have several colors on hand because nail art requires at least 2 shades of varnish.


Several brushes may be necessary to achieve nail art. Indeed, during this manicure, it is not uncommon to vary between thin and thicker lines. It is therefore advisable to have various accessories in your bathroom:

-a liner brush: there are different sizes so don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures to easily draw all kinds of lines (or even dots, stars).

-a large brush to cover the tips of the nails, essential material for, for example, a colored French manicure and its nail art variations.

-a fan brush to sprinkle the nails with glitter or to create color gradients.

A word of advice: prefer synthetic bristle brushes which will better withstand contact with the varnish and sometimes the solvent. Finally, be aware that “special nail art brushes” kits exist.


That’s it, you master the dotting tools and you want to embark on ever more trendy and daring nail art, with relief and therefore more technical? It is advisable to invest in stencils, rhinestones, sequins, beads, stickers or stickers, etc. These nail decorations are available everywhere: LM cosmetics, Adnails etc. There are also very practical “konads kits” or even “nail art stramping” (on sale on the Amazon or Kristal Beauté sites) which bring together everything you need to achieve nail art: varnish, brushes, 3D materials.

Finally, no successful nail art without a layer of top coat to make the manicure shine and last longer (especially if you have added glitter or embossed decorations). After all this work, it would be a shame to ruin her nail art in the snap of a finger …

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