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Using nail clippers: why and how?

Maintaining your nails systematically involves an essential step: shortening your nails. Speaking of nail shortening, we have to talk about nail clippers. Why use nail clippers? How should we use it? Don’t worry, the answer is in this article.

Nail clippers may damage your nails in the long run. Because the nail plate, like the free edges, is composed of keratin. Even if the nail seems hard, can be damaged or attacked with a nail clipper. Improper use of this tool over time can cause nails to become brittle and the free edge to split.

It is important to note that the use of nail clippers is not suitable for all types of nails. Therefore, it is best to use the nail clippers on thick, strong nails, such as toenails. This manicure tool is also ideal for people who want to cut their nails very short.

You must adopt the correct gestures when using a nail clipper: place it on the free edge, straight, where you want to shorten the nail, then make a clean gesture. Always choose high-quality manicure kit to ensure safe work on nails.

Last but not in the least, the frequency of use of the nail clipper, like the nail file, varies depending on the speed of nail growth and the desired length. Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas!

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