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Knitted Nails, warm up your nails for the winter

When winter comes and the freezing days I very often want to put on a good big wool sweater. Unfortunately, this kind of outfit is not always very elegant or very practical at work. Luckily, I found the parade!

This is the new beauty trend, the knitted nails. This form of nail art consists of making patterns in relief on the nails. In French the term Knitted can be translated as knitted. Indeed, the shapes obtained with this technique are reminiscent of the meshes of wool sweaters. Enough to have the impression of wearing a wool sweater without the disadvantages of it.

Good… I know, it doesn’t replace the good old sweater, but maybe by looking at your nails decorated in this way, you will feel a feeling of warmth and you can face the winter cold that awaits you outside.

Photos and videos on the web

Like every new beauty trend, videos and photos of girls showing their pretty nails abound on the web. You will therefore have no trouble finding models of inspiration, or even outright tutorials explaining to you how to reproduce the knitted nails.

If some are rather pretty and original, I find that others are in bad taste. But I usually have the same opinion with nail art. You always have to find the right balance between a nice decoration for nails that is both original and elegant, but that does not fall into kitsch or “enough is enough”.

For example, with the knitted nails technique, I could see nails that looked more like meringue treats full of sugar than nail art. It is therefore necessary to remain cautious and not to ignite at the risk of spoiling everything.

How to do it?

The best thing is that you watch a video, because that’s what remains the most explicit. Nevertheless, I will try to put words on pictures to explain the different stages of knitted nails.

At first, it is necessary to varnish the nails as we usually do: base followed by a layer of varnish. Then a second coat of varnish must be applied to each nail. Once it is dry, we will then pour a large drop of varnish on a transparent plastic piece, a bit like a painter who deposits paint on his palette. The next step is, with the help of a very fine brush, to dip it in the drop of varnish, and then draw relief shapes on the nail. For shapes, take inspiration from your big wool sweater that you wear at home in the evening.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.  

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