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How to have naturally beautiful hands?

Beautiful hands and neat nails are a person’s calling card, and are a major asset in everyday life as well as in professional life. As a result, no nail studio or beauty salon should do without hand and nail beauty services.

With the right manicure kits, the appropriate rituals and a beneficial massage, a simple treatment can be transformed into a real moment of privileged relaxation with the added bonus of beautiful polished and shiny natural nails.

A manicure is available according to everyone’s wishes, whether natural, or with a colored varnish, or with a French, or even with a semi-permanent UV varnish. There are a multitude of possibilities to embellish a manicure on natural nails.

Example of service for a simple manicure:

1. To begin the service, you must disinfect your hands at first.

2. The nails are shortened and shaped according to the customer’s wishes.

3. For the cuticle, you can apply a cuticle emollient first, then gently push back with a wooden stick.

4. The excess cuticle can be removed by the electric nail files with a special cuticle tip, but you have to use it carefully!

5. Then we will polish and shine the nail with a soft buffing block and finish with a little cuticle oil and massage in gently.

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