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What are the advantages of semi-permanent varnish?

The semi-permanent varnish is worthy of a professional varnish. In addition to its permanent nature, which ensures long-lasting hold, the product also offers many benefits. Your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the advantages of semi-permanent varnish. Keep reading!

Semi-permanent is long lasting

The main advantage of semi-permanent varnish is that it lasts at least 2 weeks without flaking your hands. You can do it at home, there are many complete manicure kits so you can install your semi-permanent yourself.

Semi-permanent polish doesn’t affect your nails

The semi-nail polish doesn’t affect the nail surface if all the steps are done correctly. Another advantage is that it protects your nails from peeling and not breaking, while helping to grow faster.

Semi-permanent manicure makes nails shine

Semi-permanent varnish is applied faster and easier than gel nails. The color and decor possibilities are endless, and the result is similar to classic nail polish.

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