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Abstract nail art, the manicure to adopt

All celebrities have adopted this trend on their nails! The idea is simply to draw colorful and abstract shapes on the nails, giving free rein to imagination. Like a work of art, we vary colors, shapes, points, asymmetries and irregularities to obtain a successful abstract nail art. On short or long nails, this manicure has the advantage of being original and giving a touch of color to a look… while remaining discreet!

How to make a success of your abstract nail art manicure?

You don’t have to be a nail art expert to get great results. quite simply because as we don’t reproduce figurative drawings, there is less risk of making a failed copy! But if you are in doubt, you can always go to a professional salon to have your nails pampered. Another option, there are now several models of adhesive false nails with these abstract patterns already printed, perfect for displaying a trendy manicure in a few minutes! Ready to launch? To make your abstract nail art at home, you just need several colored varnishes, and a few small, very fine brushes. Then, we opt for polka dots, lines, circles… the only rule is that there are no rules: only total freedom of colors and shapes.

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