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What are the nail trends in 2022?

The second quarter of the year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock of the gel nail trends for this new 2022 season. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you!

What are the 3 colors for gel nails 2022?

In this new 2022 season, the trendy color for gel nails or semi-permanent varnish is very peri. This Pantone color is truly the color of the year. It is a mixture of blue and red-purple. It therefore oscillates between blue and purple and pulls towards a lavender hue. Between softness and audacity, the very peri color will undoubtedly be visible everywhere.

The third color to wear on the nails this summer is blue. Whether electric, royal or pastel, blue is making a comeback on the nails. It is original on the hands as on the feet and allows you to change traditional colors.

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Trendy gel nail models: patterns and designs

The patterns to adopt on the nails this year represent the Milky Way. In black, purple or blue tones, the galaxy pattern is ultra-trendy for nails. This nail art provides access to a part of the universe, which fascinates even fashionistas.

This year, the very girly side stands out on the nails with the floral designs. Along with the sun, spring patterns embellished with flowers, big or small, pink or blue, are one of the hot nail graphics in 2022. Golden circles decorated with pretty flowers are also very trendy, as are floral crowns.

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