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4 steps for a perfect manicure

Applying your nail polish can be a moment of relaxation or a real headache. However, the beauty of the hands is not to be neglected. To have pretty hands, you need to use the professional manicure kits to have a beautiful manicure.

1 Prepare your nails before the manicure

  • File your nails well

Take out your nail file to even out the nail. Be careful, never file your nails with “back and forth” movements, and file them in one direction only.

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  • Push back cuticles

Never cut your cuticles! These little skins are there to protect us from infections. The ideal is to immerse your hands in a bowl of water to soften the cuticles before pushing them back.

  • Apply a protective base

Don’t forget to apply a “base coat”. The base protects the nail and makes it easier to apply and hold the nail polish.

2 Apply your nail polish well

  • Apply thin layers

To make the varnish dry faster, it is better to apply three very thin coats of varnish rather than one or two thick ones which will never dry.

  • Apply a top coat

Always apply a top coat after your coats of varnish. This will protect the manicure and improve the hold of the varnish.

  • Apply cuticle oil

Apply the oil to the nail after polishing it. If you accidentally hit your nails against something, the oil offers a little glide and prevents them from breaking.

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3 Dry your nail polish

  • Run the nails under cold water

Very cool water makes the varnish harden more quickly. Once your manicure is complete, wait 5 minutes then soak your nails in a bowl of cold water. Wait a few seconds: your varnish is dry.

  • Avoid “quick-drying” varnishes

Don’t overuse quick-drying nail polishes. They are generally dehydrating and dry out the nails.

4 How to properly remove your nail polish?

  • Use an acetone-free nail polish remover as often as possible

If possible, use an acetone-free nail polish remover. The acetone-free nail polish remover doesn’t dry out the nails as much.

  • Properly removing glitter nail polish

Soaking a cotton ball in acetone remover, surrounding the nail with it, and leaving it on for a few minutes. The glitter should slide off with the polish more easily.

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