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How to treat an ingrown toenail without a doctor?

If ingrown nails on your hands and toes have become common for you, know that you can treat them without systematically going to the doctor. Keep reading, nail supplies expert Maryton will show you how to treat an ingrown toenail without a doctor.

An ingrown toenail on one of the fingers of the hand or on a toe can go from simple inflammation to infection. When the person suffering from the problem does not take the precaution of removing their shoes to relieve themselves, as the friction continues, the area becomes infected and turns purulent. You will then have to go directly to the general practitioner to have an antibiotic treatment prescribed.

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The first reflex to have is to no longer compress your feet. Keep them bare as often as possible to avoid friction. If you must wear shoes, favor open models or ones that leave room at the end of your foot. You can then take hot water baths for around twenty minutes to deflate the inflammation.

Some of you will feel able to cut off the problematic piece of toenail using ingrown toenail clippers. The operation is rarely delicate, as you may have noticed if you have ever seen a professional do it. Be sure to disinfect the area and your hands before acting.

A careful pedicure and manicure are the first step towards peace of mind. Thus, it is recommended that you use a professional pedicure kit for your feet in daily life.

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