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How to use glass fibers for nails correctly?

Glass fibers, also known as fiberglass, are born from the union of resins and silk, they do not cause allergies and are presented in bunches joined by a purple glue that facilitates their use and positioning on the nail.
Do you know how to use glass fibers for nails correctly?
Here is the correct procedure:
1.Prepare the natural nail as usual: the MARYTON MANICURE is preferable! For better preparation of the entire nail but especially of the cuticle area.
2.Degrease nail with cleanser and pad
3.Apply adhesion promoters \ dehydrators
4.Place the glass fibers on a flat surface and with the handle of your brush flatten and compact them together
5.Apply the gel base on the natural nail and catalyze
6.Apply a thin, enamel-based base of builder gel and arrange the fibers on the nail, taking great care to compact them against the nail and not to overlap them and to fill the stress points and nail valleys well for a perfect structure.
8.Remove your hand from the lamp and proceed to cut the glass fibers to the desired length
9.Apply the builder gel over the entire length of the nail and also on the distal edge, sealing it
10.Catalyzes UV \ led in the lamp for 5 seconds
11.Extract the nail and with “eyebrow tweezers” proceed to “pinch” for a correct “curve c”
12.Recatalize for as long as your builder gel takes
13.Remove your hand from the lamp and proceed to spread your enamel builder gel under the nail, under the elongation
14.Catalyze, keeping your hand turned
15.Remove your hand from the lamp, degrease with cleanser and pad and proceed with the various filings
16.Apply the gel or semi-permanent color you want
If you want to use glass fibers to obtain a mini lengthening on a semi-permanent basis … you will have to attach the glass fibers to the semi-permanent base!
Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing you in the next article!
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