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How to avoid brittle nails?

Are you also suffering from your fragile nails? Do you know how to avoid brittle nails? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

To strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking, soak them in a bath of warm soapy water once a week for 10 minutes. To nourish your nails, add heated olive oil to the lukewarm water bath. Also remember to give yourself “break” days without nail polish to oxygenate your nails and rest them!

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File your nails well

If you want to keep nails healthy and prevent them from becoming brittle, file them instead of cutting them with nail clippers or scissors. Avoid metal files and favor fine grain files, or glass or crystal files if you have very thin nails.

Always file in one direction, from outside to inside, and avoid going back and forth: this will prevent the nails from splitting. Also avoid putting too much emphasis on the sides of the nails. The filing of your nails should be regular, about once a week.

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