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Nail care: nail clippers or nail files?

Nail maintenance always involves an essential step: shortening your nails. Knowing when to cut your nails is a question that everyone can ask themselves. Do you know how to care for your nails? Your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you advice.

Using nail clippers: why and how?

In the long term, this manicure accessory can damage the nails during misuse. The nail plate, like the free edge, is made up of keratin. Improper use of this utensil over time can cause nails to break and the free edge to split.

You have to adopt the right gesture when using a nail clipper: place it on the free edge, straight, where you want to shorten the nail, then make a clean gesture. Always favor high quality manicure materials to ensure safe work on the nails.

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How to use a nail file?

The nail file has several advantages. First, it doesn’t attack the nail, if its material and the chosen grain are adapted to the type of nails to be shortened, whether natural or artificial. In addition to being able to shorten the nails, the file gives them the desired shape. On the other hand, it allows to recover a light nail tear while respecting its fiber. Indeed, the use of the nail file is often appropriate for the most fragile nails. In addition, it makes it possible to perfect the cut of the nails and to offer the hands harmony and a neat appearance.

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