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Complete Wireless Earphone Padmate Tempo T5

Complete Wireless Earphone Padmate Tempo T5

Padmate Tempo t5 is small, only 5g per ear, lightweight and round design, has an excellent fit and is designed to be hard to fall off from the ear. You can talk with both ears, we can hear well, and voice clarity improves. Bass is rich, middle and treble sounds are clear, and it has a clear and powerful expression in any range with balance, techno, pop, rock, R & B etc. Enjoy the music of various genres, adopt the latest Qualcomm chip, pass the wireless “pipe” by reducing the audio file so that pure audio can be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth without sacrificing sound quality. Waterproof level IPX6 with excellent waterproof performance, against sudden rain and sweat during exercise, and the active Siri function was also added.

Padmate Tempo T5: The Wireless Earphones Continues the Success of PaMu Scroll

The cheap wireless earphones can play music for about 6 hours continuously in a fully charged state. and can play music up to 30 hours if you use a charging case, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and easy operation of touch remote control function.

Based on our own module, Qualcomm By adopting the latest chipset of the company and Bluetooth v5 technology, it is a comfortable earphone that is easy to connect to the device and does not cut off the sound. You can easily play / stop music, move songs by just touching the earphone.

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