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The Make-up Trend That Will Make the Buzz in 2020

The Make-up Trend That Will Make the Buzz in 2020

What is the Glass Skin, the new makeup trend straight from Korea? We explain everything and we tell you how to adopt it.

Colored eyeliner , purple eye shadow , coppery look … The makeup trends of autumn-winter are numerous. The one that promises to make the buzz in 2020? The glass skin , a fashion inspired by Korean women. The principle is simple: make a makeup ultra-satin complexion to give a glowy effect, almost wet and very fresh to the skin. This brings brightness and relief to the complexion.

Glass skin: how to achieve this trend?

Exit the matte complexion and dull skin . The trend is glowy finish , fresh and zero defects. The key to the success of the Glass Skin is hydration because the skin must be soft and smooth before applying the make – up. For this, consider using a serum and moisturizer to plump the skin : it will have a more bouncy and fresh, ideal to achieve a glass effect.

After the crucial stage of hydration, you have to go to makeup . The latter must be worked in lightness and transparency : the goal is not to overload the complexion. Unify your skin with a fluid finger foundation for a more natural finish . Then go to the illuminator. This product, also called highlighter , can give a glowy and ultra-bright side to your face. Opt for a liquid illuminator, easier to work and more natural result to make a makeup Glass skin. In finish, a highlighter powder can be used to accentuate the luminous effect.

Then think about makeup your eyes with nude tones with a satin finish to create a glowy look. For the lips, a light gloss or a lipstick nude pink is perfect . That’s it !

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