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Choosing the shape of nails according to your hands

Round, square, rounded square, almond nails... It's hard to find your way around the different possible nail shapes. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you tips for choosing the shape of your nails according to your hands! Which shape to choose for your nails? You must first observe the shape of your hands, your fingers, as well as the anatomy of your nails. Then, you will be able to more easily determine

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Which nail shape to choose?

Thinking about your next manicure and need some inspiration? I believe this blog will not disappoint you! Quickly find out what nail shape suits you and above all how to choose from the 5 trendiest nail shapes. Your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain in detail what makes each of them special. Round nail shape The round nail shape is the most common shape. File the edge of the nail in an arc

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