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What is the process for filling gel nails?

It may be tempting to fill your gel nails yourself, but this is not a good idea as techniques, and skill are necessary and all of this you don’t necessarily have. Let’s leave that to professionals like nail technicians. Several steps are required for a gel filling.

The first step will be to rebalance the nails by sanding the top part with a straight nail file or nail drill to leave only the base gel. Next, you need to adjust the desired length and shape of the nails. The duration of the touch-up is approximately one hour depending on the gap that has widened and the wishes of the clients.

For the second part of the filling, it will be a question of putting in place new extensions as in the case of a normal gel nail application. A transparent gel is then applied to the roots of the extended nails to prepare the base. All nails are then covered with two to three layers of construction gel.

All corners and the area near the cuticles will need to be well filled to spread the gel evenly so that it can cover the existing nails well. All that remains is to place the new design on the finished base then finish with a coating of finishing gel to protect the new extensions.

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